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You are currently connected to the site, published by Planète Mer. Planète Mer is a nonprofit association under the French law of July 1, 1901. It acts to protect marine life and the human activities that depend on it.


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Author credits for photographs and illustrations

We should like to extend our warmest thanks to all those who contributed to illustrating this site and to its media contents.

Denis ADER, Frédéric ANDRE, Frédéric ANDRIEU, Pascal AMBLARD, Olivier ARGAGNON, Jean-Claude ARNOUX, Frédéric BASSEMAYOUSSE, Wilfried BAY-NOUAILHAT , Cyrille BOLLARD, David BORG, Daniel BURON, Hélène CASTILLO, Valérie CARO-THIEFFRY, Gilles CAVIGNEAUX, Laurent CHARLES, George CHEMILEVSKI, Roger CRUON, Christophe DEHONDT, Daan DELBARE, Thibault DELSAHUT, Eric DESLANDES, Thomas DESVIGNES, Katia DIADEMA, A. DRUPAT-BRUSSAUT, David FENWICK, Yann FONTANA, Florence GULLY, Hans HILLEWAERT, Dominique HORST, Bernadette HUYNH TAN, Stéphane JAMME, Sonia KAUPE, Keisotyo, Véronique LAMARE, Hervé LIMOUSIN, Sylvain LE BRIS, J. LECOMTE, Philippe LE GRANCHE, Stéphane LE GRANCHE, Vincent MARAN, Henri MICHAUD, Yves MORVANT, Yves MULLER, Virgile NOBLE, Pierre NOEL, Bernard PICTON, Benjamin REVIRIEGO, Jean-Paul ROGER, Sandrine RUITTON, Sébastien SANT, Véronique et François SARANO, Christian SCOUPPE, Alain-Pierre SITTLER, Valérie STIGER POUVREAU, Subaqua (, Riquier THEVENH, Murielle TOURENNE, Daniel VAULOT, Philippe VERNE, Claude WACQUANT, Adrien WECQUEL, Frédéric ZIEMSKI.

Drawing D.L. SMITH – Drawing taken from Tregouboff, Dessin Miers (, Krabben van Nederland, Drawing taken from la Flore de Coste)