Planète Mer

Planète Mer is an association created in 2007 with the aim of preserving marine life and the human activities that depend on it. It mission is to


  • maintain resources and employment through sustainable use of the marine environment;
  • rethink human activities in the light of new knowledge about biodiversity, in order to protect, care for, or repair the ecosystems that support them;
  • give everyone the means—thanks to information and knowledge—to act ethically towards their environment.


Planète Mer and its partners launched BioLit in 2010 as part of the framework of this third strand. It is a national collaborative science program on coastline biodiversity. This initiative is implemented by a multidisciplinary team:


  • Laurent Debas, program director;
  • The scientific component is the responsibility of Ondine Cornubert, in charge of scientific studies, who is working for BioLit via the Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle (MNHN). Ondine works under the joint direction of Eric Feunteun, a professor at MNHN and Director of CRESCO (Service des stations Marines) in Dinard, and of Frédéric Ysnel, master of conferences at the université de Rennes 1 and director of the laboratoire Biodiversité et gestion des territoires;
  • Tristan Diméglio, responsible for running the BioLit Atlantique – Manche et Mer du Nord [Atlantic – Channel and North Sea] french network;
  • Lilita Vong, responsible for program support for BioLit Méditerranée and the international program.


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