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Planète Mer will ensure that its data contributes to other participative science programs.

Do you want to take part in other participatory science projects?

There are several initiatives focused on the registration of participative science programs on biodiversity: their common aims are to make the different programs more visible and to offer a shared entry point to several programs.


Vigie Nature and Vigie Nature Ecole portals - Founded by the Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle and coordinated by the associations: Vigie-Nature is a federal portal for participative science projects. It gives citizens who are curious about Nature the possibility of discovering and participating in different biodiversity monitoring projects. In this way, everyone can take an active part in scientific work based on simple and reproducible protocols. The rolling out of the project by Vigie-Nature Ecole in collaboration with the Ministère de l’Education Nationale, facilitates integration of young people by offering teachers participatory science projects within the student curriculum. BioLit joined these two networks as the sole coastline-monitoring project.


The annuaire du Collectif National des Sciences Participatives, Biodiversité – co-facilitated by the Fondation Nicolas Hulot and the Union Nationale des CPIE, this national group works to set up a yearbook registering all the participative science programs available in France:


Réseau d’Observateurs en Plongée – Supported by the Agence des aires marines protégées, this network registers participative science programs dedicated to coastline and marine biodiversity.


We recommend:


Pour un large public :

Requin pèlerin”and “CapOeRa”, supported by APECS

Cybelle Méditerranée supported by Cybelle Planète

L’Observatoire des Déchets en Milieux Aquatiques supported by the association Mer-Terre


For divers:



HippoAtlas supported by Peau Bleue


Our local relay programs:

MedObs l’observatoire des paysages sous-marins supported by CPIE Côte Provençale Pêcheur sentinelle

Pêcheurs sentinelles

Les Taxinomes